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Outlander comes to Falkland

Diana Gabaldon’s series, Outlander has been taken on by Starz to create a TV series that has everyone holding their breath.

The story which traces Claire Beachum’s journey as she travels back in time from the 1940s to 1700s after touching a stone in a stone circle in Inverness.

The National Trust for Scotland Team at Falkland Palace were delighted when Starz decided to film in Falkland Village, where the Palace sits proudly on the high street. We were shocked to find how similar Falkland resembled 1940s Inverness, complete with a fountain in the square (1940s Inverness on the left, Falkland Village 2014 on the right)

InvernessThe Bruce Fountain, Outlander, Falkland

Starz transformed the village of Falkland and took it back in time by painting shop fronts, moving street furniture and even setting up wind and rain machines (real rain doesn’t show up in films, believe us, it was raining!).


The village of Falkland waits patiently for the release of Outlander in Scotland. We leave you with a photograph of Falkland Village in 1940. If you have visited the village you will probably agree with the Starz team, it hasn’t changed much in all those years. It is a true time capsule and a place that will now link with the magic of Outlander forever.