Day 45- Whole Again

The project is now in it’s 6th week and the team are entering the next phase of conservation.

The painting was recently turned on it’s face and Gail and Henry have been working on the woodworm damage on the back of the painting, which they have now completed.

Painting turned

The painting is now face up and visitors can see up close the cracks that have occurred in the wooden panel over the last 500 years.

Gail and Henry are filling these cracks with a special plaster just below the surface of the painting so as not to lose any of the original paintwork.


Some of the edges of the painting have also been filled with the plaster as the woodworm damage has been particularly savage along the grain here.

Now that the painting is cleaned and one solid, smooth surface a hint of how magnificent this painting will look once the project is completed is starting to show.

The next stage will be to sit the painting upright against it’s special designed supports and to work on the re-touching of the plaster work.


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