Day 11- Varnish No More

Conservators Gail and Henry have been working hard to remove 500 years of layered varnishes and over paint to The Mystic Marriage. This rare Brini painting (1570) has been on show to the public for nearly two weeks in the Chapel Royal, as it has been undergoing some much needed conservation work.

Visitors, staff and the local media have greatly enjoyed watching the painting come to life through this unusual conservation project.

fingers 2

Painstaking cleaning using cotton buds and organic solvents has revealed the exquisite original colours and paintwork, as well as highlighting the plaster repair work that has been carried out over the last half century, to fill in cracks in the wood.

full 2

Now that the painting has been cleaned the next phase of treatment will be structural repair work to the wooden panel. This will involve lying the painting horizontally on it’s specially designed support boards and also tackling the wood worm problem.

This beautiful painting is finally getting the TLC it desperately needs and we are thrilled to be able to share this conservation project directly with the public, which is a first for the NTS.

To see the next stages of this fascinating project, keep checking back to this blog or visit our facebook and twitter pages.



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