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Day 1- Cleaning the Painting

Work began on removing 500 years of varnish, retouching paint and dirt today by Henry and Gail.

Visitors and staff were astounded by the obvious difference in colour and tones that can already be seen.

St Appalonia

We had a pleasant surprise when we realised that the cream sleeve of St Catherine was in fact a beautiful baby pink!

St Catherine

The parts of the painting that have already been cleaned are starting to look as fresh as the day they were painted, incredible!



Let the work begin!

Spotted in the Chapel Royal: The Mystic Marriage has emerged from its packaging! With the painting unwrapped and the studio space installed, the much-anticipated conservation work can finally begin.


The Mystic Marriage revealed.

As of next Monday, Henry and Gail will be hard at work in the Chapel Royal. Come on over if you’re interested in seeing conservation in action! Until then, you can check out the lovely interpretation set up around the studio space, which will let you know a bit more about the painting and the ongoing process.


The studio space awaits Henry and Gail’s arrival.


All set!

Thanks to Alistair and Mark’s hard work, the platform is now complete and The Mystic Marriage has been moved to its temporary home in the Chapel Royal.

Thus far the painting is proving to be a rather reclusive resident, as it is still under wraps and will remain so until it has acclimatised to its new surroundings. Best keep an eye out, however, for the painting will be revealed sometime within the next few weeks—we hope you are as excited as we are!

In the meantime, take a wee peek at the shiny new space as pictured below, and be sure to drop by the Chapel Royal throughout the process to watch it all happen in person.


The painting awaits conservation in the Chapel Royal


Swallows Saved!

As you may know we have a healthy population of Swallows that nest at Falkland Palace and Gardens every year.
Three Swallow chicks were saved at the weekend after their nest fell off the Gatehouse. Our Learning Officer was able to use a stand and two plastic boxes to make a temp home for the family of birds. Parents have been seen happily feeding the chicks since, fantastic!

2014-06-30 14 24 05b

2014-06-30 14 24 11b