Falkland Palace: power and glory

The Hazel Tree

Falkland entrance 2In 1542, James V of Scotland lay dying in Falkland Palace.   He was still only 30, but he had lived a full and rather stressful life.   The son of the tempestuous Margaret Tudor, he’d been held captive here for two years by his stepfather, he had sired at least seven illegitimate children, and his first wife, Madeleine of France, had died in his arms only weeks after arriving in Edinburgh.

Now, as he lay ill with a fever, his second wife, Mary of Guise, was giving birth to a child in nearby Linlithgow Palace.  They had already lost two infant boys, and another son was dearly hoped for.

When they brought him the news that he had a daughter, he uttered the words which have echoed down the centuries:

“It came wi’ a lass and it will gang wi’ a lass.”

What he meant was that the Scottish crown had…

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2 thoughts on “Falkland Palace: power and glory

  1. Jo Woolf

    Thank you very much for sharing this and my other post. It was such a delight to visit Falkland Palace, and the village is so charming as well. It really is like stepping back in time!



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