The Mystic Marriage Conservation Project Begins

Today we have moved the The Mystic Marriage off the wall where it has been hung for a number of years.

Conservationists Henry and Gail had a good look at the painting to see what work will need to be done.Image

Like most painting conservation projects this one was planned to take place in the conservation studio, but the painting is too big to get out the Palace! So we have decided to do the work on site, how exciting! This is a very rare occurrence and certainly no one in the team ever remembers happening at all in the National Trust for Scotland.

The painting is now wrapped in conservation grade wrapping and left it to acclimatise in the Tapestry Gallery.

It will eventually be moved into the Chapel Royal onto a custom made platform to begin conservation work.


2 thoughts on “The Mystic Marriage Conservation Project Begins

  1. Jo Woolf

    Who is the painting by? (Excuse me if it’s a well known artist!) And has it been showing signs of deterioration, i.e. what sparked the conservation project?


    1. falklandpalacegarden Post author

      Hello Jo. The painting is by Francesco Brini who is reasonably well known 16th century Italian painter.
      The painting had been in storage for many years and we finally secured some funding to conserve it.
      It is a beautiful piece and quite rare so we are really looking forward to seeing it properly again!



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